Do you want to Move to Canada?💸
no Idea How?

Attend 90 Minutes
Canada PR Live Workshop
Explore all possible Options to reach Canada

Venue: Online | Saturday: All Seats Booked

Sunday: 27th June at 11:00 AM (Few Seats Left)

In this Workshop, you'll Learn:

Your Eligibility & Problems with your Profile to avoid Refusals

Right Pathway & Program Option for
You to reach Canada

How to Apply yourself without paying
Big Amount to Agents

Secrets to Improve your Profile

Live Q&A

Do you want to reach Canada without Investing much of your Money?

All you already in Pool & Tired of Waiting?

This Workshop is for you! where you will get all the knowledge and Answers to all the doubts in your Mind.


1)   PR Eligibility Factors

2)   LMIA Facts

3)   How to Boost Score

4)   How to Apply on your Own

5)   PNP or Express Entry

6)   Live Q&A

7)   Secrets & Mistakes to Avoid

8)   Other Options to Move to Canada

Awesome training! I Saved my Lakhs of Rupees by attending this Workshop. Love it!

Mehak Sharma

I made many mistakes by choosing different Agents but then I decided to Work myself on my Dream Canada and was Lucky to find this Workshop.

Rubina Goyal

I saved my 10 Lakh Rupees which I was going to pay for LMIA by watching Dforce Immigrations Youtube Videos. I recommend this Training to All.

Preston Punia