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United States

The USA is the number 1 destination for students for higher education. The USA is widely known for its high quality of teaching and research. This foreign land is also a very popular destination for the people who love to travel because of its exotic locations.


Canada is consistently ranking in the best countries in the world. Currently, it is ranking #1 best country for quality of life. Canada is well known for it's welcoming community, Vibrant and diverse culture. Canada is also a very popular destination for the Punjabi community as well.

United Kingdom

United kingdom has a very good reputation for world-class research. UK higher education degrees are accepted worldwide which open doors for the opportunity in other countries as well. The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. It introduces you to a variety of culture.


Australian visas are the most popular visas that are used by students and jobseekers towards an excellent lifestyle in Australia.There are several types of occupations in Australia that comes under the professions that are eligible for migration.

Best immigration consultant in Amritsar for Canada and Australia

Dforce Educomp Immigrations is proved to be the best visa consultant in Amritsar for Canada.  We provide best study visa consultation in Amritsar for Canada. We further help you to pass all the legal formalities and legalities. 

Study Visa

Those who want to study outside of the country for better exposure and desire to work all around the world after it should go for this type of visa. Study abroad in countries like USA, CANADA, UK and New Zealand.

Tourist Visa

tourist visa is issued for the purpose of visiting a country for travel.  This allows you to stay in the country for a limited period. If you want to travel outside of the country you must have a tourist visa for this. Dforce Educomp Immigration is the best tourist visa constancy that you can find.

Our Services

Dforce Educomp Immigrations provides services and training related to any Visa and studies abroad matter. We help People with our top class training and services for acquiring their immigration goals Visit or contact Dforce Educomp Immigrations for a free consultation today!

Business Visa

Business visas are issued to help travellers engage in business-related activities. Dforce Educomp can help you with this Contact us Now!

Multiple Visa

Apply for the visa in Canada, USA and other countries with the flexibility to sightseeing. Contact us for details!

Student Visa

A study visa is for those who want to study abroad. As per our mission, we help you to achieve this ASAP with our special training.

Tourist Visa

For the people who desire to visit a foreign land for activities like sightseeing, you must have a tourist visa. Contact us to know more.