Norway provides you with a one-of-a-kind student experience, and Norwegian higher education institutions accept applications from interested students from all over the world.
Internationalization is a top priority in all aspects of Norwegian education, and universities and university colleges are actively working to make it easier for international students to study in Norway. Approximately 15 000 foreign nationals are currently enrolled in Norwegian higher education institutions. Admission to a number of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes is available to foreign students. You may come to Norway as a student through existing exchange programmes, institutional agreements, or as a “free mover,” arranging your own stay (a type of study, length, and financing).

Education of high quality

Norwegian institutions offer a diverse selection of high-quality courses as well as a high level of versatility, making them a perfect study destination. There are many opportunities for students to pursue their goals, ranging from vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctoral studies. You’ll also benefit from the relaxed environment at Norwegian universities and schools, where professors are approachable and classes are often taught in small groups.

Off the beaten path study

You can combine your studies with fun outdoor sports in our northern corner of the country, both in the winter and summer. The Aurora Borealis (“Northern lights”) can be seen, as well as the midnight sun, fjords, and mountains. Skiing, whitewater rafting, or climbing are all perfect ways to measure yourself. Alternatively, literally take in the fresh air, clean water, and plenty of open space. You will never be short of opportunities for rare nature encounters as a student in Norway.

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