Higher Education in Portugal

The stunning landscape, the thrilling combination of old buildings and modern life, and the cheap lifestyle that follows studying in Portugal are just a short list of the benefits for foreign students in Portugal. With a limited number of universities to choose from and owning the third most widely spoken language in Europe outside of English and Spanish, this country is a big attraction for international students. Excellent education and a stunning Mediterranean atmosphere make Portugal a top destination for foreign students all over the world.

Choosing to study in Portugal has several advantages, including:


Foreign students wanting to live in Portugal would be impressed by the low cost of education and the similarly inexpensive cost of living. On average, undergraduate education is $1,500 USD a year. This all depends on the degree level to which the pupil attends. The cost of living is a shocking 600-800 per month.


Why research in Portugal, huh? It’s not just Portugal! Africa is a great tie to Portugal and will enrich the lives of students as they learn in this unique country. Brazil is another good link that offers a great deal of education and cooperation with Portugal.


There are a wide number of courses and full degree programmes available in English, and this is a strong reason to choose Portugal for studies. However, if you’re interested in studying Portuguese, you won’t want to miss this chance to learn a foreign language.


There are two forms of college offered—university and polytechnics. There are smaller subcategories of studies within these large institutions that render studying in Portugal perfect.

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